Forum Updates - 8th May 2022

Hey guys, you may have noticed some changes around here over the past couple of days.

1. Category Structure

We have restructured the forum around the following key categories

Meta - (#info) - Category for everything relating to our forum, website etc.

Ford - (#ford) - Home to everything relating to Ford & Lincoln

  • Help & Support (#ford:help) - Post here if you need help
  • Guides (#ford:guides) - Check here for our community guides
  • Documentation - (#ford:documentation) - Documentation from around the web for Ford things such as model information etc.
  • Asbuilt Configuration (#ford:asbuilt) - Need some help with AsBuilt? Check here
  • Showcase (#ford:showcase) - Want to show off? post your car here!

Other Vehicles - (#other-vehicles) - Want to discuss another manufacturer vehicle? post it here!
Applications - (#applications) - Discussion for all CyanLabs applications except Syn3 Updater
Tutorials - (#tutorials) - Discussion for all non Ford related CyanLabs tutorials

2. Tag Structure

Under the Ford category you will find many many tags, each of these represent a vehicle module, tag your topic with the relevant module to ensure organisation in our forum.
You can view all the tags available at CyanLabs Official Community

3. Category Page

The category page has had a massive rework making it much easier to find what you are looking for

The category page on desktop will display a maximum of 3 columns of categories.
For each category you will see

  • a icon
  • the category name
  • a brief description
  • a link to view the category
  • all subcategories (if any)
  • all tags relevant to that category.

This page is also displayed on mobile view with some tweaks to improve accessibility

4. Category Color Tweaks

We have made a few tweaks to the composer to make the accents match the category colour

(notice the blue color for the “Ford” category of the “Documentation” category)

The same color tweaks apply to posts in X category

(notice the orange from the “Help & Support” category)

5. Sidebar Tweaks

The sidebar has been improved a lot to make it respond to different resolutions better

6. Leaderboard

We have added a leaderboard
Points are awarded for engaging with the community, such as visiting, liking, and posting. Your score is updated every few minutes. So go be helpful, active, and supportive, and rise through the ranks!

7. Header Dropdowns

We have added dropdown menus to the top header, this matches better with the main website, some styling is still being worked on to match it further.

8. Voting

We have added a option to upvote posts in select categories, currently this is limited to the Showcase category

9. Saved Searches

You can save up to 10 searches to be notified when new posts matching your saved search are created

This option can be found in your user preferences

10. Reactions

We have added more advanced reactions allowing you to do more than just heart the post.

11. Auto Linking of Ford APIM Packages

This feature has been around for a while but was never publically announced, if you type the package name of a SYNC 3 package it will automatically wrap it in to a link and direct you to our package api.

12. Bug Fixes

Along with all these new features we have resolved various bugs reported by “staff” and community members, most of these have been minor styling issues and there are likely still some outstanding, if you notice any styling issue on your specific device or resolution please let us know via the #info:site-feedback category

Until the next one, Take care!

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