Hardware Validation Before Upgrade


I just wanted to check with the experts regarding the hardware before I proceed with upgrade. My car is a 2018 Ford Edge.

Assembly Part Number: JL7T-14G371-CCC
H/W Part Number: HL1T-14G380-BB

I am planning to upgrade from 3.0.20204 → 3.4.21265

Please let me know if any other information is required


According to our SYNC 3 APIM Hardware Database - CyanLabs , that APIM is not MY20.
So, you should be fine.
I’m saying “should” instead of “will” because:

  • the db is user driven
  • the only 100% valid method for determining if a hardware is MY20 or not is to remove the unit and check the sticker on it.

That’s why I said that you should be fine.

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Thank you for the response! Appreciate it

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