Having troubles with DAB(+) reception

Hi all, I’m living in Belgium. Since last Wednesday I have problems with the DAB+ reception from one moment to the next. FM reception is no problem at all. The problem that arises is: reception regularly drops out for several seconds, not on one particular station, but on ALL dab+ channels. Other brands do not suffer from it, or at least less so than with Ford. I wonder what is causing this…

Check the ground connections on the antena before you start spending money

To be honest, I don’t think there lies the cause. In fact, I’m not the only one that’s suffering from this annoying problem, and all from the same moment as I did…Some say the weather is interfering, but I find that hard to believe…

Check out if there are an military exercises in the area.
Like this one:
French-Belgian military exercise to take place in southern Belgium (brusselstimes.com)

There are follow-on exercises that the article does not mention.

You mention that other manufacturer equipment does not suffer from this, they do also, but not to the degree that the Ford equipment does without side lobe rejection filtering. If it is caused by this type of interference, it is likely that it will cease in a week or two.

I hope so

Thank you

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