Headlight ignition with remote control

Hello, one year ago, I changes some setting in the BCM and Ipc (drl, headlight) in the asbuilt, but I lost the automatic ignition when I open my Galaxy…since I have been looking for to restore automatic ignition. I already tried to load asbuilt factory, old aslbuilt that I saved but nothing works Can help me? Thanks a lot…

Are you referring to “remote start”? Or is this another feature?

Thanks chief! i refer to remote start and the BCM. Once when I was a “young forscaner”…i changed DRL options. To do this I followed spreadsheet of “2gfusion”. Probably I made some mistakes because since my low beams doesn’t Switch on at the same Time, when I press the remote start to open the car.
Before DRL and low beams Switch on…now only DRL…


Do you have a factory asbuilt for the vehicle?

Index - FordServiceInfo.Com (motorcraftservice.com)

Hi, I have already downloaded the asbuilt factory but only in the bcm … I will also try in the ipc in same time. I’ll Say you the result.


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