Heated Screen and rear window not working

Hello everyone, i have an issue on my 2017 Focus ST that has stopped the front and rear heated screens working along with the door mirrors (they are on the heated rear screen circuit).

I have checked the fuses and relays and all are fine. I think it may have been an update or an as-built change i may have made that has affected it.

Does anyone have any suggestions please as to what i need to do to change it to work please?

I have looked at all the as built sheets for the car and nothing jumps out at me.



What changes have you made?
Did you do them incrementally and then back up the changed module AB along the way?
Easiest way to troubleshoot is to rollback and drop in the factory AB and see if everything starts working again.

Honest answer is, I can’t remember as I did it in summer and since then, I have lost all my backed-up data as my NAS drive failed on me, so am a bit stumped.

In which case, backup the current configs for the BCM & APIM and then roll them back to factory.

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