Help With Converting Heated Seats (Fusion 2013) to Heated/ Ventilated

Hello everyone,

I’ve upgraded my Ford Fusion 2013 by fitting it with Heated/Ventilated Seats from a Lincoln MKZ 2016. Originally, my Ford had leather seats with only the heating feature. Now, I’m wondering how to activate the “Ventilated” function. I’ve already modified the seating settings using Forscan, switching from “Heated” to “Heated/Ventilated”. As a result, I can now see the “ventilated” controls on my display. My main question is: Do I need to hardwire anything to get the ventilation working? Or is there another adjustment I should make in Forscan, aside from enabling the “ventilated” feature?

You need to run MS-Can wires to the seat module and quite possibly the correct power wires to both seats since the heated seat harness does not have these.

The HVAC module controlled the heated seats in your old setup. With Heated and Cooled (Vented) they are controlled over the Canbus with modules under the seat. I would also guess since it was from a Lincoln that you may have the Multi Contoured seats also.

I can’t speak for a Lincoln mkz but I did an upgrade on a 14 explorer. The passenger seat has a DCSM (dual climate seat module). If this is the case then the passenger seat likely is fine and you’ll need to run wires from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat. You really should look at the wiring diagram differences for heated vs ventilated seats.

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