How to enable Red Snowflake Warning Light?

Does anyone know how to turn on and where to show the snowflake from the temperature? Just like in the picture.Ford Escape 2018r.

It’s known as Frost telltale, configured in the IPC module:

720-01-02 xxxx x*xx
Frost Telltale (FT)

Suggest googling for the right code for you

There is a problem because my ipc is not 720-01-02

This may be a stupid question, but what temperature is it where you are?

Now is about 4 degrees. 2day ago it was 2 degress

if i remember correctly it only shows red below 3c, i think.

That’s correct, I think it’s Amber at 3 degrees and red below 0

As above, try accessing your ipc using the standard config window and see if Frost Telltale is an option, if it’s not you can’t set it.

In the standard window from IPC, I do not have the Frost Telltale option. My friend has Escape from 2018. and he has the option 720-01-02.

You can try my variant :
Ford Escape 2017 2.0 Titanium
IPC Level 3
Telltales — DE44:
Low Temp — TT10 set Enabled

Ok thanks but I don’t have ucds

I suggest you research this elsewhere as we do not condone software piracy. Locking this thread.


or Hardware piracy for that matter :laughing: