How to get FordPass to work

For TCU install what is the alternative for my app sees the car but it errors out saying activation not available at this time. Well my android app sees it my iPhone app does not.

If you are trying to use a 3rd party app with FordPass it will not work. Ford blocked all 3rd party apps about a year or 2 ago. At least that’s what I am guessing you’re doing since you put up that URL.

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How long ago was this? Im still seeing people with success i guess not using the web sdk though i did it on my mustang but i used that

So you are trying to link a 3rd party app?

Best I can tell it started back around October of 2022. I remember Ford sent out a message on Fordpass about it before they started it. Ford will block your account if they find out and if it happens a second time they will permanently block you from using Fordpass. So yes some people might be doing it but if they get caught Ford will hammer them.

Has a lot to do with data breach issues and I guess 3rd party apps were draining batteries in vehicles best we could get without Ford saying why.

No im not using it to control it. What it basically did was force the authentication process on fords side.

The first post describes it

Oh yea, that thread is like the bible of adding a TCU. So no 3rd party you’re just trying to get it working. If @F150Chief is around he knows a ton about this.

Yeah i do hope he knows i got the activation pushed through on my mustang with it no problems at all. Whenever i add it to ford pass i get an email telling me to activate it but my iPhone says the vehicle doesn’t have connectivity but I still get the email telling me to activate it. On my android i tried downloading the verison of ford pass in that thread but it won’t let me sign in. If i add the vehicle to ford pass on the android it shows the activate button but it says theres an error activating the vehicle. That immediately pops up it doesn’t even try.

If you do this again you will need to call Ford Service and explain to them that you need your account unlocked because you are using unauthorized software to access Ford services. I recommend you use Fordpass app from Ford and not the 3rd party apps. There are specific instructions on how to add your vehicle on the Ford website as well as numerous other websites which are legitimate and work fine.

Reauthorization of FordPass Connect TCU.pdf (527.5 KB)

I dont believe my account is locked I’ve tried 3 different accounts on 3 different phones both of my other cars work. But everytime no matter what i do it immediately gives me that message it’s like it doesn’t even try to activate.

Some 3rd party apps seem to work still, for some people only though.

Im not using a third party app. That website to force the authorization through is down but people got it to work without it. But even with the last car i did i had to use it because i tried to use the ford pass app and it was doing the same thing.

Do you have FORScan and follow the procedures in the document?

Yeah. I’m not sure if you need a specific sync 3 apim but I ended up swapping to a slightly newer one and it worked.


You just need one that is not 3G or runs on HS4. Suprised being a 2018 you did not already have a TCU.

Glad you found one! J series TCU?

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Older APIM with old firmware, like G and H series, will not work well with the J/K series TCU’s. Likely the vehicle is an early 2018 production vehicle and equipped with the older pre-MY18.5 firmware.

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