I need help programming a retrofitted Puma digital dash

I watched a video on CyanLabs’ yt channel where the digital dash is retrofitted. I then recently bought a Puma ST Line X 2020 digital dash for my 2018 Fiesta ST Line. Fitting it in is not a problem, it’s the coding and programming. A lot of these terms are jargon to me so i have difficulty trying to figure out what’s what.
If possible, could someone guide me on what to programme on the dash and how to go about doing that?
The help is extremely appreciated :upside_down_face:

I can’t help much as i used UCDS and it’s a bunch of dropdown lists. assuming you don’t have UCDS?

I have a UCDS so i will be able to connect a laptop, I’m clueless on what to do after that

If you have a genuine UCDS then you just point and click the dropdown options that you want for your specific car feature set.

I can’t really guide you through it all as everyone’s car is different.

Start by copying your old asbuilt to your new dash.

I currently have a Sync 4 upgrade on my touchscreen. Will that impact the digital dash at all or will it be okay?
Also how would i begin programming my new dash? Which software will i have to be using to programme it?
Sorry I’m completely new to this

You already said you have UCDS. you use the UCDS software with a genuine UCDS adapter to program it.

SYNC 4 won’t matter, in the video you watched i was running SYNC 4.

Sorry, i have the ucds adapter to plug into my car and my laptop, sorry for the confusion.
I will attempt it tomorrow and see how it goes

Quick question, will the car still start if I’ve fitted in the new cluster?

Of course it will

In UCDS u can download the as-built of original IPC and just write those to the new digital one…

That won’t really work, its a completely different IPC…