I think i bricked my sync 3

I tryied the updater and i think i bricked it iwas following a video that i saw on you tube and i have a 2017 f250 with sync 3.0 i was trying to get it to update to 3.4 i was told after you update the system to leave the usb drive in it restarted three times And i never say th screen that says it updating with the bar going a cross and then it never restarted it looks black now does this mean its bricked ive restarted it a number of time and the sync wont restart now ant ideas thanks

Did you run the interrogator first?
Is ANYTHING plugged into another USB port (even just a charging cable)?
Can you post the autoinstall and reformat files that were created on the USB by the updater?

Yes i ran the interagator fist and no other usb is connected so I’m will send you the files it copies over later I’m getting a new usb drive 3.0 as I read that some usb don’t always work

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Use a 32GB USB and format it as exFAT. I think the process has not finished, but as Warlock said, did you run the interrogator first? if you did post the logs

Yes I did I’m getting a newr usb dive hopping that help I got it of of the blck screen I did soft reboot thanks for answering


Alot of those Youtube videos are really old. Many of them done by people who have no clue what they are doing either. So much has changed and been learned since then that a lot of them just plain flat give false info now.

The best guide to follow for Cyanlabs software is Cyanlabs guide. Not some video.

Ok but do you take the usb drive out when they tell you to or just leave it in

You need to follow the instructions on here and it will tell you what to do.
Easily Update SYNC 3 Using Our Automated Method - CyanLabs

You can leave God out of this unless you really think he is going to help. If so than you might want to try praying to him instead.

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It’s like being a prizefighter…George Foreman once said “god cannot help you if you don’t know how to fight”…

Why thank you so much

Yes, or @NaviUpgrade’s videos :slight_smile: they are up to date

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When I ran the program I pushed start and it didn’t copy the files like it said and then it took me to show the log file so I didn’t have it so it didn’t work so then I just downloaded the files to my usb and that is what I tried with but when it updated in the car it never showed the updating screen now what

may you always persue God and jesus for their forgiveness and their glory and grace amen

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Ok thanks ill change it now

may you always persue God and jesus for their forgiveness and their glory and grace amen

I’ve got a better idea, delete it altogether, there are people in here of many faiths and all come to discuss SYNC NOT religion.


I understand this is probably your email signature but frankly i don’t want religious stuff on the forum, i personally have no religion, and think it’s a waste of time, others believe heavily in some form of god, each person is entitled to their own opinion but there is no need for it on a forum about Cars…

Thread locked, refrain from talking about God before making another topic.

EDIT: Also use the SYNC 3 Issue template so we can get more information

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