Install Project issues - adding Sync 3 to '22 Maverick

I’m working on adding Sync 3 to my '22 Maverick XLT, made the wiring harness per the post forum authored by Zackmd1, I have a obtained and ACM from a '21 Escape and have a non nav APIM (JL3T-14G371-BDB) from an F150 that was originally a 4.2" display, updated the software to 3.4 and 8" display. I did this by putting in my '14 Fusion that I had previously upgraded from MFT to Sync 3, everything appeared to work fine in that car.
I had incorrectly assumed the APIM were generally the same pinouts, the Maverick wiring diagrams show the HS4 CAN and LIN are required.

The issue I have is the Radio control panel does not power up, and the display only shows the Ford logo and goes blank, Forscan does not show any dtc’s for any modules, I have no issue communicating with the APIM, I have enable the LIN and HS4 in the asbuilt. I’m thinking the APIM either I have some configured incorrectly or the APIM doesn’t support the LIN or CAN HS4 ports. I’m wondering if someone with more knowledgeable could point me in the right direction, ie. can the APIM I have be configured to work, or do I need to get a newer APIM. I think the latter is likely, as PINs 41,42 appear to be connected to chassis ground, pin 44 appears to be a circuit connection, (compared to the slightly old APIM i have in the fusion where PIN 44 also appeared to be grounded), but does not appear to communicate with the FCM.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Basically everything here is true. The reason the video goes blank is the J series APIM does not have the proper video drivers for the screen you are using in the Maverick. It might be possible to make this work but it is likely not compatible with the J series APIM. Also, the J series APIM will not support HS4-CAN.

You should probably switch to a MY20 APIM for this project. Keep in mind you cannot use the reformat tool on a MY20 APIM.

Thanks for the quick answers, I’m thinking an APIM from the '20 or new escape should be OK as they are pretty much the same system that’s in the Sync equipped Mavericks or would all the L series APIMs likely work?

There are some LU5T-14G371-B__ from 2020 F150s available at a one of the local recyclers, also have some KU5T-14G371-B__ just wondering would any of these be compatible with my Display. thanks

All “L” series APIM’s would likely work. Some K series ones would work also. Just keep in mind with these 2020+ APIMs you cannot reformat them or you will brick them. If you can make sure to get the VIN number for the APIM you get. That will come in handy later.

Ok, just curious why I would need the original VIN, usually not an issue everything I 've got recently from the recyclers has come with with the VIN attached. The previous Sync 3 upgrade I did in my Fusion I was using the original VIN the get the Sync updates.

I’m guessing if the MY20 and up can’t be reformatted I would need to make sure it for an 8" display.

With the VIN you can add the vehicle to Ford Pass and get the correct Sync update for the APIM. You can also use the VIN to get the Map Update for it although this requires using Forscan to install the maps.

Great information to know, and raises the question, will changing from the base Syncish system to the sync3 system affect the existing Fordpass functions? In my previous research I didn’t recall anyone mentioning it would.

It shouldn’t. The same information is available on the network regardless of screen size.

I’ve switched to a LU5T series APIM, and the display and Audio controls work now, one issues I seem to have now though is the chimes/Alerts are not going through the ACM, the warning chimes (like door open) are coming from the IPC I think. This was one of the things that was working with the old J series APIM, I used the same As built file for the APIM. I did change some as Built parameter’s for the ACM but I don’t think they would affect this feature. Thoughts?
I can post my as built data later, just not on my Forscan laptop now

Save your current AsBuilt, Load your original one and see what happens.

Have been tinkering with this some more, updated the APIM data based of a as built data file from a Lariat Maverick with Sync 3 (deleting the missing options), still having the same issue, only getting the chimes through the little beeper in the dash. Second issue is 911 Assist is not functional due the a DTC U0452 Invalid data from Restraint Control module.

===APIM DTC U0452:00-0B===
Code: U0452 - Invalid Data Received From Restraints Control Module

Status (-0B):

  • DTC Present at Time of Request
  • Malfunction Indicator Lamp is Off for this DTC

Module: Accessory Protocol Interface Module

===END APIM DTC U0452:00-0B===
Have rechecked all the HS CAN bus wiring all appears to be good, no issues with the Restraint module everything works fine as connect back to the original ACM.
Also tried a master reset of through the Sync 3 system, with the same result, as well as I could not restore my Ford Pass connection through the Sync system, like it would not communicate with the TCU, again returned to original ACM and everything works fine.
Anyone have any thoughts? Is this a Sync as built setting issue.

Sync As build data:
;Block 1
;Block 2
;Block 3
;Block 4
;Block 5
;Block 6
;Block 7
;Block 8
;Block 9

To Enable Emergency Assistance on RCM:
Line 737-02-01 Xxxx-xxxx-xxxx - Changing “X” to C.

Your TCU asbuilt will likely need to be adjusted for the proper Sync type (Sync 3/Gen 3).

Please post the original APIM (ACM?) and Sync 3 APIM asbuilts. Also if you could post the asbuilt you found for comparison, that would help. Please attach these as text files if possible.

Looking at the factory data appear the RCM data at 737-02-01 Xxxx-xxxx-xxxx is factory set to 4 and not C, so I think may likely sort that issue, will test as soon as I can get a chance Thanks.

Current Sync 3 File
MavAPIM_update.abt (495 Bytes)

Here is the AS Built data from the original ACM(with Sync lite built-in)
Factory727ACM_MavXLT_lux.abt (1.3 KB)

Here is the reference Maverick Lariat Asbuilt APIM data I was working from
7D0APIM_mavlariat_lux.abt (495 Bytes)

Had a look at some TCU asbuilt data and the database information, looks like the original system uses a setting of E (APIM = CHR) for 754-01-01-*xxx-xxxx-xxxx where comparable Sync 3 Maverick and Escape have a B (APIM=GEN3(PCA)).
So it would seem this needs to be changed as well from E to B.

Did the escape have the B&O sound system or just the usual lower end system. Do you have the asbuilt for that?

BTW…If this is in Canada, make sure you set the APIM and ACM country codes correctly as well as the SiriusXM services in the ACM if included.

It’s was from a base audio system, has Sat. Radio, (I have sat radio disabled), non HD radio, non B&O, I have changed the country code to CA. However, I was wrong the ACM came from '20, but it’s the same, I looked up the original asbuilt from the serial number using the “asbuilt hacker” program and it was the same as my '22 SE Escape except for the country code, it came out of the US.

Problems appear to be solved

Changing the RCM and TCU settings seems to have been the key to the issues. Everything appears to be working normally now, chimes are now correct and going to ACM instead of the dash, U0452 DTC is gone, not sure if it was the that the APIM had a DTC that was keeping the chimes from working correctly, once I had changed the RCM and TCU to the SYNC 3 Gen 2/3 APIM settings they just started working at some point.

Thanks F150Chief for the help.

Another thing I found for the Maverick base audio I was getting DTC’s on ACM on power up the rear channels speaker outputs, both would show Short to Ground and Open circuit when the speaker type was set to Speaker Only, clearing the DTC the rear channel would work OK until the ACM power cycled, on power up ACM appears to test the outputs as based on the speaker type set, there would be four brief clicks from the rear speakers and the DTC would reappear after, changing the speaker type to Tweeter only (727-01-01-xxxx-14xx-xxxx) has cleared up these DTCs, in the Maverick the base audio rear speakers are small(3" I think) with no real low end capacity. If I set the speaker type to speaker and tweeter I would get the Open circuit DTC only so it seems there likely is series filter capacitor in with the rear speakers to cut off the bass.

Hmm… seems I still one issue, did a master reset today, and cannot get the fordpass to reconnect, the ford pass menu says vehicle hot spot not present and get a data error DTC on the TCU

APIM file
3FTT_APIM_20230318_212553.abt (495 Bytes)

Found my problem, after triple checking the CAN bus connection before re-installed the last time, I found the informationI was checking it against was wrong and I had the HS4 connections reversed on the APIM :man_facepalming:, once I swapped those the Ford Pass and vehicle data connection to the TCU started working. So all appears to be good again.