Installed latest Sync 3 version now thinking about updating the APIM

Was thinking about using Forscan to update my APIM on my 2016 Escape Titanium so I can get the radio logos back and calm screen. Is this hard to do?

That depends on you, your knowledge and what you are willing to risk.
If you ask me, comparting it to upgrading Sync3 version (which is easy to me), it is not as easy, safe or straight forward as that.

My recommendation is: read this thread → Updating APIM Firmware (Calibration Files) and decide for yourself.

Yeah after reading the link not sure if I feel comfortable doing it.

And I agree with you, yes.

If it fixed other major issues or enabled super cool hidden features, maybe.
But for HD logos and Calm Screen while everything else is working as expected?.
I mean, you would need to want those really really bad.

So yeah, good choice in my opinion.

Thanks for the help. To much of a risk on my part and with my luck I would mess it up. Not worth the risk or money.

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