Installing ccm cruise control module

Every time I connect my ccm it breaks things on the hs2 can bus main thing it takes out is my pscm and my car throws a wrench light as soon as i disconnect the ccm it goes away everything works again and I see all the codes saying the pscm can’t communicate with anything in the car. Anyone know why a module would break certain things on the car? I’ve tried different taps/locations for the can bus they all do the same thing.

It really just breaks everything in the same can bus and I am not sure why.

Just all communication errors.

The Canbus is setup to shut down the Buss it is wired wrong. When 1 Buss is shut down the GWM will not get the info to send out on the other networks and that will cause errors all over the place. The symptoms you describe are exactly what it is made to do if wired wrong.

What do you have for the wire diagram to the CCM module plug? Also make sure you twist your wires for the CanBus pair.

Should look something like this…

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When I switch the can bus wires it then detects nothing so I believe it’s connected right. I currently have it spliced in with the PSCM can bus wires however I also tapped into the ipma and it does the exact same thing just breaks all the modules sometimes.

I’ve tried tapping into pins 3 and 11 that didn’t work wouldn’t detect the ccm and then I tapped into 9 and 10 and then it does the same as previous just breaks all my modules.

This is my ccm connector

I do have a 2018 mustang by the way probably sort of important.

What car did the CCM come from?

Do you have Lane Departure in your mustang? Guessing you must if you’re using those wires.

The plug diagram and the Schematic just don’t match. The diagram, if it is for your year mustang show the CCM must send the radar signal to the IPMA/LDW. Your plug shows those wires are HS2 wires and that is not what you system is looking for.

Based on this it seems like the CCM is the wrong one.

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No they don’t match directly but it’s just a wire diagram for the connector on the ipma.

I believe my ccm came from a 2020. Manufacture date is nov of 2019. I tried a CCM from a 21 mustang and it did the same thing. However this is an H CCM so I do believe it should definitely work. The whole network didn’t change until 2020.

But yes theoretically I should connect to pin 3 and 11 and my car should see it right?

Just hard to say when I look it up this diagram pops up as well.

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Makes sense what you’re saying. I don’t have access to Oasis right now to check and see what the differences might be or if there are different setups.

The 2020’s added HS4 and the communication paths all changed through the GWM. Several models did this.

That last diagram is what I am used to seeing.

Which I believe for mustang was 21+

21+ also uses fdrs as far as I know 2020 is fine

What do you think I should do? I’m truly stumped. I could try to order a 15-17 ccm but I don’t know if that will do it. As far as I know as far as mustangs are concerned they used the new CCM 18+. When I type the part number in ford website says it’s good for 18-23 the one I pulled off of the 21 does say 21-23 mustangs.

I show FR3Z-9E731-C for an 18 Mustang. Has an 18 pin plug for it like the one I posted above. You may want to spend the $21 and get the 72 hour access to Oasis on this one.

- FordServiceInfo.Com (

I’ll take a look but one thing is interesting. The prior picture I sent was online that I found

This one I found says 1 and 8 are radar +/- just seems odd it has ldw heater going to radar this can’t be right?

I would stick with Oasis.

2015-2018 Ford Mustang Distance Sensor FR3Z-9E731-C |

The only thing that was off putting is when I put it in on this website

It says 15-17

I got it to work pins 3 and 11 I swear I wired it up before but it didn’t register. But it’s all good now.

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Oh awesome! good to hear.

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