Instrument cluster update fusion Titanium AWD 2013 para 2018

Friends I need help to resolve some errors that are being shown after replacing the Ford Fusion 2013 cluster instrument for 2018.
I have freezing the AWD smart indication on the left LCD.
Loss of Vehicle Indication from the right or left indicated on the left LCD, when maneuvering.
I did it to have the most modern menu available, TPMS digital display, digital speedometer.
Along with this Up-grade I upgraded to Sync3 which is in perfect working order.
I can enable the functions in APIM ?
Sorry for my English,

I saw you posted this over at the Fusion forum. I was going to suggest that. I am pretty sure they will come up with something.

The user you need to contact is DanMc85.

Thanks for answering F150chief , yes I am looking for all the experts in reprogramming APIM … you are very good here.

Thanks. However I think the issue with the IPC is not related to Sync or the APIM, unfortunately.


Certainly my friend F150chief, I still need to familiarize myself with the modules and what they control… IPC is responsible for the panel… I was very happy to be able to solve my volume problem… Lol…
I will pay more attention to the modules before posting an upcoming topic… thaks …