Intermittent Black Screen

Hey, that’s good to know.
If I were you, I would not disassemble it just yet.
If it’s working fine, leaving it as it is would be a good test to see if your previous issues were caused by 22251 somehow.
I’m saying this because it’s quite strange that the reports we got about intermittent black screens were from people running 22251, no other builds reported so far.
Should 22251 cause any issues, your last successful master reset should had cleared that.
Keep in mind that master reset is required after a reformat process.

So, I would let it be for the time being.
Should the issue arise again then yes, you can always check the cabling.

Take care.

I will leave it alone and see how it does.
Thanks again

It is a good weekend to add the extra 2 wires though. The reason is Sirius is doing a free Memorial day week and you could use that to see if everything works right.

After updating to version 23088, I haven’t noticed this issue anymore. It seems it’s fixed

Good idea, I believe I should have spares in both those connectors that I can reassign to the correct pin out. I have heard that the F150’s in the same year have spares, I’ll see if the F350 does and I’ll post tomorrow.

Didn’t work My APIM is JS7T-14G371-JED and my ACM is HC3T-19C107-CK. I was wondering if I changed the ACM to a LT4T-18D818-CC, would it fit in the F350? (bracket change) Or do I need a

You need to look for an ACM that has an 8 Digit ESN on it. Those are the Sirius 360L ACM’s. I would go with a K series if you can find one. The H you have is too old and the L series could be a Sync 4 one that MAY not play nice. I have an L series so I know one that will work are out there.

Just adding 2 wires alone would never work. ACM must be upgraded.

Ok thanks, if I wanted to upgrade my APIM what series is the highest I could go? K2GT-14G370-CBH? or anything manufactured before Nov 2019 I believe thats when the L series came out in 2019.

You can go as high as you want on the APIM but a K series would be the best. I went L series on mine but you have to know all the tricks to getting it updated without Cyanlabs.

With a K series you have a good APIM that can be easily updated with Cyanlabs.

Thanks, I like my XM SIRIUS so I’d like all the channels and any logos and art work that will show up. This truck, I bought it new in 17 an XL 6.7 crew cab and for 6 yrs I have been upgrading it as a hobby, I went from a standard plain key and manual windows 4" sync to a keyfob key with remote start, power everything including tailgate to a 8" sync 3 and level 3 instrument panel along with about 20 other upgrades, and places like this and FTE have been a great learning place and a wealth of knowledge, in my 42 yrs as an electrician I work on and build network main frames fire alarms, access control, automation, PLC’s intrusion and proximity systems, so using FORScan on my truck is fun. Thanks again for your help.

I have done the same with my Explorer. It was a PIU and now has more than a newer Limited.