IPC Kilometers to miles

I just purchase an ipc from a 2016 lariat 8 inch cluster but it displays kilometers instead of miles my original ipc is 2015 xlt f150 4 inch displays miles but with the new ipc "lariat"every time my truck turns off it defaults back to kilometers can someone tell me how to solve this issue ?

@F150Chief maybe you know how to solve this issue?

I have not done this myself, as I have not had a need to, but try the following…

You will need FORScan, with trial license, and a good OBD2 adapter.
I am assuming that the newer 2016 IPC is from Canada.
Try the following procedure. DO NOT turn off the ignition until the last step is completed or you need to start over, as the setting will not keep. I do not guarantee this will work, it has mixed results on different Ford/Lincoln models. It won’t hurt anything, however. (Back up the configuration beforehand.)

Change 720-04-02 XXXX-xx from Canada (4341) to US (5553).
Write the configuration.
In the IPC MODULE CONFIGURATION: (Not the asbuilt section above.)
Select “Display Unit Selection Function” and change it.
If it is Metric, change it to Imperial.
Write the configuration.
Ignition cycle and see if it worked.

If this does not work, you will need to have the cluster reprogrammed. Contact Livinitup at Clusters by Livnitup - Ford F150 Instrument Cluster Sales & Programming. He does this professionally and is a very stand-up guy. He can resolve the issue.

NOTE: Flipping the byte that controls miles vs kilometers alone will cause checksum issue and persistent U3000 DTC will be present. Thank you @Livnitup.

When i fitted my digital dash, i had it default to KM/h and was able to change it back to Miles with a combination of asbuilt plus menu options

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sorry for taking so long ill try this on the weekend thank you guys

thank you sir ill keep you posted of the result

Your cluster is a Canadian cluster so in order to have it default to miles it needs the correct U.S. eeprom image written to it so FORScan can’t fix it. If you want to send it to me I could do it: Cluster Reprogramming - Clusters by Livnitup

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Forscan and UCDS can both flash VBF files for the IPC’s am i missing something?

Cluster firmware doesn’t need to be changed but a correct U.S. EEPROM 24C32.bin file needs to be written. Flipping the byte that controls miles vs kilometers alone will cause checksum issue and persistent U3000 DTC will be present so I avoid that by writing a complete image.


Did you resolve your issue?

hey @F150Chief no that ipc was not compatible with my truck so i returned the item looking for another one

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thank you for your help @F150Chief and @Livnitup

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