IPC seatbelt display screen

I have a 22 Maverick, The 4.2 inch display in the IPC displays this screen on startup, it stays on for long time (a minute or more before it will clear itselt) unless you hit the OK on the wheel, does anyone know if this display can be adjusted to clear in a shorter time, or be turned off via the as built data. Thanks.

It is not adjustable in Forscan.

Ok thanks, thought there might something, but guess not, I know in the 6" display in my Escape it can just be turned of with a menu selection in the vehicle settings, I’m guessing it’s hard-coded in the firmware then.

Seems it can be turned off in most the IPC’s I have seen.

Appears that something is different with the Maverick firmware for this IPC , nothing seems to be able to turn it off, just have clear it on startup every time, with the OK button, I believe in my 22 Escape it went away when I disabled the rear occupant monitor, but it has the upgraded 6" LCD IPC. I didn’t try disabling the seatbelt minders to see if that makes any difference, might try it, I automatically put on my seat belt as soon as I sit in the seat anyway, don’t really need the reminder.

Some additional information, I tried the procedure for disabling the seatbelt minder from the owner manual, it does not appear to work, the second step says to turn ignition on and not start engine, wait for the seatbelt indicator light to go off (supposed to take about 1 minute), well the seatbelt indicator light never goes off to allow you move on the next step, tried several times waited up to 10 minutes. Seem to suggest either Ford disabled this owner manual procedure, or there is another bug in the firmware. Ford has acknowledged at least one bug which cause the park brake service mode procedure to fail. I did not bother trying to use Forscan as there does not appear to be an asbuilt database that matches this IPC.

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