Issues while downloading

Hi All,

This morning with Syn3 Updater I tried to download only EU F11 maps. Currently I have the 3.4.21194 version and I am good with this version. Just want to update the maps from F10 to F11.

The download though doesn’t go well, after downloading the first two files it gets stuck on the third file. The system does 3 attempts to download the same file but then the procedure is aborted. Is it something related to the server where the files are located?

Thank you all for the help.


I’ve separated your thread because you posted in the wrong place, completely off-topic.

Try setting a single download connection in syn3updater or a different network.

Ok. Thanks. Sorry that I was off-topic.

Also, what file is it stuck on?.

First time it got stuck on the third file…Before it got stuck on the first file 1U5T-14G421-BAJ_1644010894000.TAR.GZ

To me this sounds like an issue with the server.

I am trying again the download right now. I think it is just a matter to download the files at the right time, when the ford server works properly.

Ok, the fact you had issues with multiple files is quite an indication.
Try what I’ve said before and report back.

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