Issues with Car Play after APIM replacement and upgrade

Hello all I need help. I had APIM replaced at the dealer through extended warranty and updated to this latest build after the previous update caused the processor to tank itself. Now ever since getting my car back Apple Carplay works for about 2 minutes and then crashes and have to unplug/plug back in or do the 10sec reset but even then it still keeps crashing very frequently. I rely on it heavily as a full time Realtor for navigation and this is extremely inconvenient. Has anyone run into this issue or have any suggestions? Ive tried master resetting the Sync system through settings, deleting and reconnecting under bluetooth and carplay menus on my phone as well as repairing to the car but nothing seems to work. Very frustrating as it would’ve been $1400 job worth of parts/labor that was performed just to get it back not working at all. Thanks in advance.

The dealer should have at least a 1-year warranty on parts if it is the APIM.

Since it sounds like it is just Carplay that causes the issue I would ask first if you are using an OEM Apple cable?

Yes OE apple cable but i do have the latest iphone where they switched to USB C so i have an apple adapter on the cable as well but dont see it being a big deal. Used the same cable with adapter in other Fords with no real issues.

You don’t need the USB-C plug. I am not sure what adapter you’re using but I would remove it or find a cable that you don’t need it.

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The new iPhone 15 has a USB C charging port and apple themself do not manufacture a certified apple USB A to USB C cable so what you’re describing isn’t really possible if using strictly Apple brand.

I’ve moved your messages from the general feedback thread, that thread is not the place for this kind of troubleshooting.

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Ah, I gotcha now, I also have an iPhone 15 and knew it was USB-C.

Well, you could get a Ford USB-C hub or try the Apple recommended Belkin USB-A to USB-C wire. Just seems that adapter might not let data through correctly for Carplay.


Belkin BOOST↑Charge USB-A to USB-C Cable (1m) - Apple

This is going to come down to what his vehicle and model year are.
Ford makes both a wide and a narrow version of this module, if his current is a dual port it should be a straight swap as long as he matches the form factor.
If he’s got the single front and single in the console like some do, he would drop this in the front but would lose the console as there’s no pass through port on dual port modules.

They made an OEM USB-C single one for the Escape center console for that version The 2019 Mustang comes with 1 USB upfront and one in the center console.

Of course the owners manual does make mention of both USB ports in the center console at one point.

FORD ESCAPE CENTER CONSOLE USB CONNECTOR PORT & WIRE CABLE OEM 2020 - 2021 :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: | eBay

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The 2020MY+ Escape is a different animal entirely.
The USB module is buried under the center of the console next to the shifter and each port is actually on the end of an extension cable like the one in the Fusion console.
Hence the reason why based on build date, some of the 2020MY Escapes have USB C up front and USB A in the console, others have them flipped and some just have 2 USB A.

I could care less, Just saying he could use this.

This is very helpful thank you mine is easily accessible and switched

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