Jailbreak Policy Update

As of today CyanLabs is changing the rules and guidelines regarding Jailbreak related content on the forum and on Discord

In summary (TL;DR)


  • Jailbreak Discussion, Keywords like FMods and Jailbreak are not longer “automod’d”
  • Everything that was already allowed

Not Allowed

  • No guides or direct links to guides on “How to Jailbreak”
  • No linking directly to any modifications that contain Ford IP
  • Linking to any Ford IP that is not via our API (which uses ford hosted files)
  • No uploading of any Ford IP directly to the forum

Additional Info

Discussion of Jailbreaking is allowed but guides or links to guides specifically on “How to Jailbreak” are not!

To reiterate hosting ford intellectual property was not allowed and is still NOT allowed!

All Ford IP is linked to via a CyanLabs API that routes to the correct Ford provided URL, none of Ford’s property is hosted by CyanLabs

Although discussion of jailbreaking is now welcome, if you break something because of your lack of experience, you are liable not CyanLabs, everything is done at your own risk!

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