Left Front speaker output low

Verified that it’s the signal to speaker.
I have verified it’s not the DSP, RCA Cables, AMP, Line Level converters, connections, and wiring bundle. I’m assuming it might be the APIM.

If replacement ACM is needed what P/N: should I look for? Does HD Radio matter?

ACM - Audio Control Module
Part number: HL3T-19C107-BC
Strategy : HL3T-14D099-BC
Calibration: GL3T-14D100-BB

APIM - Accessory Protocol Interface Module
Part number: JS7T-14G371-BDC (latest known: JS7T-14G371-JJA)
Strategy : GB5T-14G374-CD
Calibration: GB5T-14G375-BA

The APIM has nothing to do with sound. It is all in the ACM and the APIM controls that.

Anything special if I get a ACM with HD Radio.

You need Forscan to activate the HD radio option in the APIM than it will work fine.

Guessing your vehicle is a 2018? Also guessing you have an aftermarket audio system?

Sorry, yes 2018, DSP408, LL converter, and amp. Stock speakers.

I like a little more control than Treble/Mid/Bass.

Dumb question, you have checked the mix levels on SYNC? you can control which speakers have what volume

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Not a dumb question as sometimes the simple stuff is overlooked.

To answer your question, yes I did.

What’s happening is the Left front speaker has low output and intermittently no signal. Then it will randomly come back on. Next day start up the truck and the speaker is working but low output. I thought it was one of the Line Level converter so I purchase another PAC SNI-35. That didn’t take care of it. Then I tried RCA cables, checked the connections on amp, dsp, ACM, and wiring bundle. Everything looked good on those. Then I swapped input of the DSP from CH2 to CH1 to verify that it wasn’t the speaker. Then I swapped input CH1 to CH2 and the low single followed to CH2. Checked DSP software and rechecked connections, this time given them a little wiggle. Still the issue persist. The last thing will be the ACM and when I do the ACM diagnostic (speaker walk) the LH is still has low output.

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