Lincoln MKC 18MY ACM issue and need UK maps

Hi all,
Hope someone can help.
Since new my radio would only work sometimes. If it comes on In the morning it works all day. If it doesn’t I have to stop after 20 minutes drive and engine off then on and it works. Completely random :grimacing:. It comes up with 2 fault codes relating to communicating with ACM.
I have updated sync software done a master reset and looked at settings with Forscan. No idea what’s wrong. Also my nav currently shows Bejjing. How can I get UK maps?
Any help or advise would be appreciated.
Thank you :pray:t3:

Can you post the DTC details on the error? Is it still under warranty?

Try resetting the ACM module with FORScan. First connect to it and save the asbuilt info, perform a reset of the module. You could also reload the asbuilt for the ACM completely.

You can obtain the vehicle asbuilts for all of the modules here:
Index - FordServiceInfo.Com (

Save the .ab file and place in the asbuilt folder in the FORScan program. This will give you access to all of the vehicle modules if needed.

As far as the maps, did you change the region in the APIM? I’ll assume the car is in the US? Change the region back to 5553 and see if it loads the US maps where you are. Look at the spreadsheet here.

APIM As Built Database.xlsx (64.1 KB)

As far as maps, are you moving to UK? Or assigned?

The fault codes are u0184 and u 0193.
The car is purchased new in UK it was a Lincoln Export vehicle.
No warranty as no dealers in Uk.

Is the car in UK? Not US…Can you get Digital Radio? DAB?

Does this sound like what you are experiencing?
U0184 Lost Communication With Radio (
U0193 Lost Communication With Digital Audio Control Module A (

I am wondering if the export company tried to set the radio for UK and messed it up. This might be a fix with FORScan.

Can you get the asbuilt info from the vehicle for the ACM and APIM and post or attach the files?

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For the maps, read this tutorial first. It’s not difficult but you need to follow the directions.

Tutorial: EU Maps to US Car (3.4 Sync, F9 Maps) - Ford / Guides & Info - CyanLabs Official Community

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