Lincoln TCU 4g upgrade

Hello everyone. I’m hoping to get some help and I’d really appreciate any I can get. My 2017 Lincoln MKC originally had the 3G Modem that stopped last year. Late last year, I installed a 4G TCU LB5T-14G087-SG with the two antennas. Forscan finds it easily, but it’s not showing up on the car screen. I’ve done the reset and valet parking mode. I’m not sure what numbers need changed to what. I’ve read somewhere that a downgrade is necessary? Anyways, thanks for any help.

The “L” series TCU is too new for a 17 Lincoln. Those TCU’s run on the HS4 network which you don’t have. You can add it, but it still will not work as the firmware in all your modules will need to be updated.

You need a J series TCU for this to work.

That worked. The “J” TCU did the trick.

Great to hear!

Another question for anyone. Since the 4g modem is working fine and it’s the 2 antenna version. What needs to happen in order to retrofit the built in hotspot feature? The car has the sync 3 with version 3.4.

Do you have the Donor VIN?

I was not able to get the VIN from the vehicle that supplied the 4g TCU. Does it have to come from that vehicle or can it be from a salvaged vehicle from a salvage yard that was equipped with the hotspot?

You have to have the VIN for that TCU to use the Hotspot. If you call them, they can only look it up by VIN. Then according to those that try even if you have the VIN they say they can’t do it. But if you have the VIN and go through their website it will work just fine. So, you must have the VIN for that TCU.