Maintenance/Service Reminder Configuration

Hello all, thanks for reading.

This is a rather simple question: is there any configuration that would prevent a maintenance / service reminder from appearing?.

My car has been “silent” about it in the recent years, but it used to warn me in the past, now it does not.

I’ve asked this same question last time the car was being serviced, and they said “it only reminds the user based on the mileage since the last service”.

My theory is that it got disabled.


Sorry brother, Years ago I came across something about this in Oasis but I can’t remember where or exactly what it said.

I got a recent manual upgrade regarding service intervals from Ford on my Explorer, I wonder if that is why?

Thank you.

I’ve been talking over this locally with another owner, and it seems that the cars stopped reminding us once the warranty expired. That’s why we suspect there’s some setting somewhere that was just disabled.

That makes you wonder: why would they do that?.
Ford being Ford, I guess…

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I would guess you’re probably right. Still you would think the dealers would want the business and keep the reminder.

One would think Ford would do that.
Then again one would also expect Ford would make Ford Dealers an automatic POI in the NAV.

You know they can do it to. When you run low on gas it shows gas stations.

Are you referring to the cluster or the Sync screen?

I’m referring to the cluster, that’s where I remember the reminder was displayed. Also, I think the [i] symbol was also lighted up, and the message was “stored” in the "active warming / messages section of the cluster.

Except for oil change and low fuel, I don’t think i have seen any maintenance reminders on my 2019 Expedition.

I bought my FF3 facelift at 14k on the odometer and I’ve now gone pass 18k on the odometer without a single service warning.