Manually lock ALL doors on Ford Fiesta MK8 and similar

Hey all, this may seem obvious but after googling I couldn’t find clear information on how to do this, even the manual is a little unclear.

If your car is unlocked and are unable to lock the car via Central Locking for example if your battery is dead you can lock each door manually

Locking drivers door

Insert key in to bottom of drivers door handle as shown below

And then insert the key in to the lock and turn the key to the right

Refer to How To UNLOCK a MK8 Fiesta MANUALLY (Keyless Entry FAIL!) - YouTube for more information

Locking all other doors

Now this is the part that is not so clear online

Open any of the other doors and look on the edge of the door for this black stopper with a book symbol.

(Below this there is the child lock, this is not the same thing and will not lock the car door if opened from the outside)

Remove this stopper using your fingers and you will see a small hole

Insert the tip of your key in to this and turn (direction depends on side of the car)

The door will now be locked, repeat this for all other doors except the drivers door.

Congrats your car is now secure while you charge/replace your battery.


The doors should either automatically unlock via central locking once battery is charged or can be manually unlocked individually by opening the door from the inside.

Interesting info for when a jump pack is not available.

The child lock should be on the inside face of the rear doors. They should be clearly accessible with no covers. You can see the door manual lock on the door edge in the pic below…

In my car the child lock is right below the manual lock, both on the same edge of the door hence why it can be confusing, this comment here further confirms that there is some confusion

UK vehicle versions are always unique. Probably a production change to the lock or door panel, but I see what you are saying. I think the mechanism could have been thought out better.

Yeah, top is manual door lock, bottom is where the child lock is

The child lock is inside the latch hole?


I have not seen that before. Sounds counter intuitive…