Map update offered by Ford after Cyan labs update

After constant Mem -001 errors I used Cyan labs to update my Focus 2020
I have sync 3.4 build 22200_product with F12 maps Grace note
I entered the log file to the Ford site and cleared the Ford update. Now Ford is offering a map update Map_23884300329_update of 24GB.
I thought I had the latest map. I re-entered the log file but the update still comes up.
Should I try to install this? If not how can I clear it
Any advice would be welcome

Try turning off wireless updates.


To answer this, please provide:

  • the autoinstall.lst file Ford is pushing your way
  • the output for the interrogator log

Sync_LZ3403JC_WF0PXXGCHPLA67224.xml (12.0 KB)
autoinstall.lst (1.6 KB)

Hi Thanks for the reply
I’ve attached the interrogator file, and the auto install file I’m not sure it has copied properly

Ian Brown

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