Map update only with 3.4.19101 w/ 2.20 NA to 2.21 NA

Hi, i have a 2016 F150 with 3.4.19101 and 2.20 NA maps installed, I noticed if I try to do a map only upgrade with latest Syn3 Updater, 2.20 NA maps are the max version, if i select the same 3.4.19101 as ‘upgrade’ then i have a 2.21 NA available. Is this a requirement with older version of Syn3.4 if going to 2.21 NA maps? I was hoping not to have to redownload all the sync 3.4 files and not touch the actual install.

Thx for any help!

If I’m not mistaken, I think that’s based on the maps being locked or not. If maps are not locked you can autoinstall them.

If you redo your experiment, you should notice that at the bottom left Syn3Updater is using different installation modes.

If you ask me, if your unit does not have MY20+ components, I would reformat it with everything you want.
It’s faster and cleaner than auto installing maps.

Right, of course, that makes sense…it does change from auto to reformat. Yes it has stock 2016 MY hardware. So i will just do the ‘upgrade to same version’ with 2.21 map Thank you and the Cyanlabs team for your work!

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