Massage functionality in MultiContour seats

Upgraded from 3.0.20204 in my 18 Expy Platinum and completely lost massage functionality in my MultiContour seats, and ability to change lumbar support in driver seat, partial functionality in passenger lumbar, and now unable to toggle between driver and passenger settings. I did a master reset after upgrading.

This looks like a mismatch in the Sync APIM asbuilt that may need adjusting. This will require FORScan and a good OBD adapter.
We need to determine the exact issue:
You have a 2018 Expedition Max Platinum so I assume you have NAV?
Do you still have Travel Link enabled? Does it show up in the APPS menu?
Does the NAV directions still show up in the instrument cluster when a route is enabled?
Does the rear climate control functions work properly thru the Sync display?

As an experiment, you could downgrade to Sync 3.3.19052 using the CyanLabs app and see if the functionality returns. Do not use reformat option. You can update back to the current version directly from there.

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I downgraded to 3.3.19052 and still had the massage issue, and it’s intermittent. Wife now says she was having issues with it prior to me upgrading sync, so not a sync issue. I just happened to notice it when upgrading. Apparently it’s a common issue with a TSB published.

TSB references the SCMG, or SCMH module for wiring concerns. This is a fix by the dealer.

MC-10165709-0001.pdf (369.9 KB)

I’ve moved this to it’s own thread…