**Missing info from AsBuilt**

Missing info from AsBuilt


I did a Sync 1 to Sync 3 conversion. Still need to sort out the reverse camera ( very grainy and sometimes doesn’t load) and emergency assistance.

I’ve downloaded my AsBuilt file from motorcraftservice.com/AsBuilt for my VIN MPB1XXMXB1EL58116
2014 Focus Titanium 2.0l TDCi automatic,
however it is missing alot of information, especially comparing it to others that I’ve looked at.

My RCM has 1 block and is all 0’s. (I’m away from my car at the minute so can’t post screen shots)

Can anyone suggest where I can get the complete data for my car?? Below is all I can seem to find.

PCM Modules
BCE Modules
Module Address Instructions
7A5-01-01 00AE
7B1-01-01 0045 1310 22
7B1-02-01 0403 0200 00C4
7B1-02-02 0000 BC
7B1-03-01 51C8 D5
7B1-04-01 0C3C 0308
7D0-01-01 1200 0488 0077
7D0-02-01 0441 5300 0072
7D0-02-02 00DB
7E0-25-01 0131 3F
720-17-01 F7FF FF9F D3
720-35-01 FBFF F707 55
726-01-01 2180 810C A906
726-01-02 091E 0914 1E92
726-01-03 014B 0000 007D
726-01-04 0101 0202 053D
726-01-05 1800 000B 0B61
726-01-06 0000 0000 0034
726-01-07 0000 0000 0035
726-01-08 0000 0000 0036
726-01-09 0000 0000 0037
726-01-10 0000 0000 003E
End of information

You can’t use your previous AB info from Ford anymore. You now have a new module that has AB different settings so you will need to start from scratch or find a like car that had Sync 3 and start there.

Thanks for the quick reply. I have the AsBuilt for the donor vehicle that I got the unit from but from what I’ve been told the emergency assistance is linked to the Restraint Control Module cause it dials 000 (Australia) if it detects the airbags have been deployed.

Should I try and load the AsBuilt for the RCM for that vehicle??

When I look at ForScan it tells me several modules have newer firmwares available but when I took it to ford to check it lit after the swap, I was told there weren’t any updates.

This is correct. If you did not have the emergency dialing before the RCM is where you turn this on so it sends the signal out on the network. Without that turned on you will get an error or DTC as you probably already know.

Newer Firmware is not always better. It is recommended to only upgrade it if you are having problems. APIM is a bit different but it has the same risks.

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Ok thank you. I’ll try that. I turned it off in ForScan and when I did the master reset I also left it off. When I paired my phone I still left it off but it tells me every time it’s disabled.

When I get a chance I’ll try to use the donor AsBuilt and see if that works. I’m just hesitant with it being the restraints/airbag module.

I always try to find one for sale and than use that VIN in the Ford AB Data base to get settings. Or just do them manually since you know what options you have.

Don’t worry about the RCM. It’s pretty basic and take multiple inputs to trigger. One being speed.

I did that and the donor car has a complete AsBuilt. Thinking back now, when I tried to load the AsBuilt it couldn’t because of a block mismatch or something similar. I’ll give it another go.

Like I said at the beginning it’s only now the emergency assist and the reverse camera that’s seems to be misconfigured as I got everything else to work.

Yea the calibrations is different so it will not have all the same blocks. Your gonna have to use the easy option in the module to do it one by one.

I only have 1 block though. Is that normal?

For the RCM? Not from what I have seen. Do you have a switch on your OBD connector?

No it’s an auto switch version. Recommended for ForScan

vlinker FS USB by Vgate.

Seems like I either need to change the module or just keep hitting the OK on the warning message.

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I am not 100% on the Focus but on other models it usually has a couple lines. The CCM & GPS modules have only 1 line for many years.

It’s possible it only has one line but I don’t know a lot about the Focuses.

Just re-downloaded the donor car data. It has 8 blocks. Tried to install it to mine and it errored out.

Guess I have to live with it.

Is there anyway to post photos to this question from my iPhone? Can’t seem to find the option anywhere.

Donor MPB3XXMXC3GD48289
737-01-01 4D50 4233 58AA
737-01-02 584D 5843 33B4
737-01-03 4744 3438 326B
737-01-04 3839 B4
737-02-01 8768 C030 1030
737-02-02 0C09 0057
737-03-01 4457 DD
737-04-01 0000 43

737-01-01 0400 only. Nothing else
737-02-01 0000 0000 41

That’s it.

Does it say there is a calibration update available for it? It makes sense the donor car would be different. You’re trying to take settings for a newer car and put them in an older car with an older calibration.

No. No calibration update was available for the RCM. Thanks for all your help. I’m just going to have to live with it.

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You will need to look at the factory asbuilt data and look for the RCM model and firmware for your vehicle and the donor vehicle. This info is in the factory asbuilt data file that you can download, It is an AB file but if you change the extension to XML you can read the file in a browser.

Hi F150Chief.

The problem I have is my AsBuilt doesn’t have anything for the RCM. I listed the entire AsBuilt info at the start. It is weird to me that every other file I’ve looked at has so many values but mine is missing everything.

Then you have an earlier version of the RCM module than the asbuilt you are trying to use. Not compatible.

Is there anywhere else I can try for a complete AsBuilt for my car?

Only the Ford Service website contains the official asbuilts.