Mod'd 2105 Edge Sync2/Sync3 upgrade Info

I have a 2015 Ford Edge that came with Sync2/Nav. We upgraded it by changing the APIM to a 2017APIM w/ NAV switching to Syn3. Current version is 3.0.20204

Is it safe to assume this unit could be upgraded using the app? Any issues or changes we should be aware of. Any chances of the upgrade going south? Does this upgrade path offer any additional challenges or complications?


You should be fine updating with the Syn3 Updater to the current version. Make sure you select NAV. and US as the region. If you have a region other than US set on the APIM, return it to US before doing this. Also, make sure your theme and boot screen is default Ford. This will avoid issues with settings once it is updated. Once the upgrade is finished (Should be about 30 minutes) and the APIM is completely booted and loaded the maps, perform a master reset. Then add back you phones, etc.