Navigation/GPS problems when upgrading Sync 2 to Sync 3


I retrofitted Sync 3 to Grand C-Max which originally came with Sync 2. I watched many guides how to do it and now everything works with exception to GPS/navigation.
When I start the car, the GPS position is correct. Checking location diagnostic in Service menu and signal is good and enough satellites are visible, accuracy is about 5m, etc. - in short it’s similar to other Ford I have and has no issues with navigation. Then I start driving and weird stuff start to happen. The first and most obvious is when I turn right, the navigation turn just in opposite direction. Consequently position on map goes very wrong quickly. After a while right position is acquired again and story with turning repeats.

My wild guess is that APIM is wrongly configured as it has been taken from another car. I did put ASBUILD from Sync 2 to it, but Sync 3 has many more configuration than original ASBUILD had, so obviously those had not been even set.
As I read other posts and I suspect settings in 7D0-07-XX are to be filled. Also mismatched left/right turns are probably due to donor car send wheel turning info differently than mine. So I have to configure it out correctly. But I don’t know how… Original ASBUILD doesn’t even exists…

I also tried Clear DR calib in Testing Settings, but no help. Maybe I should also clear Gyro and Wheel callibration? But how?


I’ve figure it out. APIM section 7D0-07-xx was wrong. As soon I fixed it, navigation problem was gone. More at Solution: 2015 F150 Sync 2 to Sync 3 GPS Wandering - FORScan forum