Navigation is not Functioning properly

Just make the change, FORScan will automatically fix the checksum. It’s ok. The change will work or not. Look at the clock and NAV GPS Lock.

Same error on the nav, clock went to 12 and wouldn’t update. Went back to 21. Clock started working again.

That rules out interference from the GPSM.

Well, I’m going with the APIM is just a slower unit than most or there is some kind of internal error/issue. All of the settings are correct. I don’t have an other suggestions other than running the reformat again, but I doubt this would correct anything.
It is possible that there is an issue with the antenna or cable. You can check the satellite signal levels and GPS lock in the test settings menu on the APIM.

Any update on this issue?

Happy New Year.
I have ordered an Ariel and splitter cable from Ford to see if that will fix the issue. I will hopefully have installed by next weekend.
I will update after installation. Hopefully resolved.
Thanks for checking.


On my 15 Explorer I added that splitter cable which goes behind the glovebox. I also added an OEM Sharkfin antenna off a 2017 Explorer. This worked MUCH better than the Chinese garbage antennas that people are buying. You will need to go in with Forscan and change it to a roof mount antenna when you do this.

Thanks for that. I didn’t realize there was a place in there for antenna type. I have both pieces coming. 2 different amazon gps units don’t work.
Is it possible the antenna setting that is there is already set to roof mount as the explorer the unit came from was a 2018 with roof mount and that Is possibly the issue? Still changing regardless, much prefer genuine Ford factory parts anyway.

Yes that setting could be the problem. I don’t recall off hand which one that is but you could try to change it to a Dash mounted one and see what happens.


DE02/7D0-03-01: x*xx-xxxx-xxxx


0=Roof Mount
1=Instrument Panel (IP) Mount (Non Heated Windscreen)
2=Instrument Panel (IP) Mount (Heated Windscreen)
3=Windshield Mount (Non-Heated Windscreen)
4=Windshield Mount (Heated Windscreen)

Sync 3 APIM Database - CyanLabs

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yea try option 1, When you get your new one than change to option 0.

I will for sure give that a try
Thank You!

Thank You!

I know you have ordered new antenna parts for the OEM antenna and wiring, but…

As a followup question, what antenna did you use for the Sync 3 retrofit? Does it look like this?

Here is a common problem that occurs with the Sync 3 conversions:
These antennas have about a 3 meter cable, which you cannot change. If you used one of these antennas and changed the length of the cable, this will change the resistance of the antenna. This will change the tuning also, causing the antenna to be less sensitive to the desired frequency, Shortening the antenna decreases the resistance, thus decreases the frequency of resonance of the antenna (lowers the frequency). Of course, badly designed antennas (cheap) exhibit this issue.

The different settings offered in the Sync 3 asbuilt are actually different gain settings for the GPS antenna. Under the dash will be higher gain, roof mount will be lower gain. The gain settings are important as to not saturate the GPS receiver in the APIM with excessive signal and/or to supply enough signal as not to cause dropouts. Of course these settings are meant to be used with Ford OEM antennas, so different aftermarket antennas may not be the same.


This matches the 2 antennas I have tried, I didnt change the cable length, kept it coiled up under the speaker. Learned about that in CB class years ago :slight_smile: I havent had a chance to change the settings yet, has to warm up a bit 1st. Makes total sense about the gain.
I will still do that as I dont need to break anything off in the cold air.

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I received and installed factory shark antenna and splitter and all is functional. Oddly after I did just the antenna 1st, I started the car and there were no errors. Tried a few times , no errors. So I wonder if somehow the original antenna was interfering with the sync3? Unexpected.
Still happy with changing all to what it should be.
Thanks for all of your help.


Glad to hear. I had much better results going OEM on the antenna stuff to.

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