Need help,issues after update

I have a 2017 ford f250 canada model with sony sound system and navigation.(sync 3.0) I did upgrade the sync to 3.4.20351 with F9 maps and via forscan i change the region to EU and Finland about year ago to get my navigation maps change from N.A. maps to north EU maps and voice.
Before that i diconnect the center speaker a year ago because i didnt like the sound of sony system and i bought pac audio amp pro for 6 rca outputs for aftermarket amp ,sub and speakers.
Evrything workend but i was stuck with a bug of infinity loop of updating system info screen, what i had to tap clear evry time i start the truck. Nav and evry other sound came from evry speaker to this point.
Now i try the (new version with cut down F10 map pack what fits to N.A. aipm) the paid one if i could get the bug out. And it did no more the info screen on evry start,but…
No i lost touch beeb sounds,nav sounds hands free phone sounds… only music come trough door speakers all other sounds only from center speaker and when it is dissconnected the sound come from instrumental cluster little speaker and you really cant her it and it sounds terrible.
I have try evrything i can think off…
Master reset,downgrade,upgrade nothing works…
Is there a point when something changed where the nav and other sounds come out only from center channel?? I know some older mustangs hand nav voice only from center channel. But mine did work before update years sounda from evry speaker before this update…
I would take any ideas gladly…

SYNC Region: North America & Canada

Navigation Variant: Yes

Old SYNC Version: 3.4.20351

New SYNC Version: 3.4.20220

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: CyanLabs Syn3 Updater

Syn3 Updater Version: Newest

Syn3 Updater Documentation Read: Yes

Syn3 Updater Log File

Question: The vehicle is in Finland? EU? Not in Canada.

From the description of the initial issue, the F9 installation never completed. Therefore, the nav probably had issues. Now, you upgraded to the latest Sync version and updated the nav to F10, and the nav issue is gone. You no longer have the message?

Basically, this is kind of expected because of the way you connected the PAC audio amp. The nav and other than music audio does not come from the audio outputs on the ACM, where you are tapped into for the music. With the Sony system, these are discrete outputs of the APIM directly to the DSP. Unless you are using a mixing device to properly match these outputs and mix then into the music channels in the PAC amplifier, you won’t hear them. On the wiring diagrams they are labeled “Alert Audio”.

Orgin of the truck is Canada so it has N.A. smaller aipm memory.
The truck was imported to Finland north europe as new truck 2017
I did the sync upgrade first 2020 and evry audio sounds came from all speakers.
I add the pac audio and aftermarket sound system 2021
And still all audio came from evry speaker.
Untill now after the update to newest version with the cut down F10 map pack now navi, beeb, and phone voice is coming only center channel or when it is dissconnect then from instrument panel/ cluster

I ment APIM previous posts…

To add things noticed:
parking aid warnings, door open warnings,side traffic warnings basicly evry warning sound is coming from door speakers.

Only navigation voices, guide voices,touch beeb sound is not coming from door speaker anymore.
When hands free phone is activ can’t hear other person
He or she can hear me.

Sounds like the issue is the automatic routing of the audio (in the Sony system) has been broken. If it is possible to connect the Sony amp to the system as it was temporarily, the system will likely reset itself, then you can place the PAC amp back in. This is most likely because the update reset the system and it needs to correct itself but cannot do so configured as it is. There is nothing wrong with your update.

I have the sony amp connected all the time, pac audio amp pro is in the middle with the apim and acm via t -harness and i have t-harness at the sony dsp for the speakers.

To clarify all worked fine with this setup a year. Then i update sync with f10 cutdown map pack to newest version and issue occurd.

This is what I would try:
Take out the T-Harness and run the system thru the Sony amp for the sound to return to normal, then put the T-Harness back. You never did a NAV upgrade with the system modified.

What is the PAC part number?

AP4-FD41 module
APH-FD01 speaker harness

I have try to master reset the pac audio but im not sure does it reset that module so deep that it start from zero to learn the vehicle …
I thougt that coul be the issue, but im sure that i have done updates to sync in the past year and it didnt solve the “update lopp” issue but didnt affect like tis last update…

A Sync app update would not affect the audio settings, but the voice and maps would.

Do you have the installation log file of the files that were installed? (The cut down F10 package and apps)
It would be on the USB you used to upgrade the system.

I must have missed this when I originally read the post. You may be missing the files…

I read thru the AP4-FD41 module instructions and settings. Make sure the chimes setting is correct, but you have probably done that a few times. This setting will affect not only the chimes but the NAV voice and system voice volume.

I did update the maps and voices too from f9 maps to f10 maps.
I got it figured out. I put evrything back to stock sony audio system, then downgraded sync back to oldest version as i could
With the north america maps and voices.
Then upgrade sync to latest version with the new f10 cut down north europe maps and voices and after that i add the pac audio amp pro and aftermarket audio system.
Now evrything work like before update and better no more info screens after i start the tuck.

OK, good deal. Thanks for the update.

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