"New" Sync 3 version 3.4.23088 (still 3.4.22251, actually)

Just found on the Ford site updated Sync 3 for my daughter’s 2022 Bronco Sport. It includes files with modified date 4/14/2023:
5UST-14G391-CS typo

Have not applied it yet, but wonder if it fixes the problem with the rwdata folder getting full.

Did her vehicle report 23088 actually being installed? On Escape and Explorer forums, after install and key cycle, the vehicles still report 22251.


Per the Discord, this looks like a fluke on Ford’s end. The actual Sync app ( NU5T-14G381-AB) is the same as 22251. No changes whatsoever.

I noticed that too and the autoinstall.lst states it is 22251. The interesting thing is that all the files inside the archive has a 4/14/2023 modified date. I have not checked to see if the hashes are the same yet on the files. If they are the same, then it is a glitch. If they are different, then perhaps the did fix/change something.

One of the first things I did was do a file comparison and the apps image is bit for bit identical. It definitely seems really odd that they generated a new build number and the file dates are newer while no actual changes were made.


I just checked all the file hashes and they are identical to the original 22251. So just a glitch for now. So disappointing.

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Can you confirm if this is the actual version you received for this file or was it a typo? The latest documented is 5U 5 T-14G391-CS.

It was a typo. Sorry. Will correct my post.

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With Ford software department nothing is strange…


Meanwhile at Ford’s HQ…


PS: I’ve edited the thread’s title, just to lower expectations and make it accurate.

Thank you.

Check the hashes

EDIT: nvm missed this post

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Out of curiosity, I replaced tags in map update xml file from ECU Checksum 1 to ECU Serial Number with valid tags from version 3.0 xml that I had and upload it to the Ford server. It uploaded successfully but map still says it needs to be updated and version changed to 3.4.23088 on the Ford server but still 3.4.22251 on the car. :sweat_smile: My car is 2018 Ford Focus

Does the same on my 2020 Fusion. Could be a sign this update will be out soon. Watch it will only be an OTA update.

this is the list of changed files in build 3.4.23088 compared to the previous build 3.4.22251.

Nothing ‘major’. Updated some libs, some bins and some ifs.

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But the files on the ford server are not that build, need to clarify this before someone misunderstands.

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I see Ford corrected their website.

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I’ve noticed the same thing

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Yeah sorry, that build is not yet public. I just wanted to share the differences to decrease the excitement lol

Released, along new US Maps and EU F12 Maps:

— New Sync 3 OS Released —
Package Name: NU5T-14G381-AC
Epoch: 1682460957000
Major Version: 3.4
Build: 23088
Build Date: 2023-03-29
Package Date: 2023-04-25
Release Date: 2023-05-08
List of Changed files: List of changes (based on DIFF) in Sync 3 Build 3.4.23088 compared to previous v - Pastebin.com
Changes (based on diff):

  • Updated some ifs, some bins and some libs

Linked voice package:

Most important thing:
Does JB works? YES

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