No Calm Screen (Still!)

Sync 3 (factory fitted).
Mondeo 2016.
DAB Radio Logos present.

Despite updating to Sync 3.4.19274 some time ago I didn’t have the calm screen options.

Since then after looking at a firm ware update tutorial I thought I would first update maps to f12 and sync to Sync 3.4.23188.

This was done successfully.

I then tackled the Firmware update. This was only partly successful with the update for ECU Configuration/Illumination Strategy causing a message “Programming was successful, but something went wrong. Module seems to be bricked :(”

Along with the message the state of the Sync Unit was off and wouldn’t power on.


I got around this and by custom loading everything up to and including ECU Configuration/Sound Profile.

I tried to firmware update a few times to trying to get it all updated but each time came across the same issue and message at the same point.

So my current state on the APIM Module firmware update TAB is;

The car has since done approximately 140 miles over 2 journeys at the beginning and end of the week and that “leave it a while” that others recommend doesn’t seemed to have worked.

In As Built, the correct bit has been set to 6 as per guide too.

7D0 - 02 - 03: 0600 E2

So do I have a hardware limitation issue, a Calibration Level issue (LATEST KNOWN:FB5T-14G371-FGF) or an ID10T error and need some re-education!

Any help will definitely be appreciated.

P.S. Sorry about the horrific screen grabs, used my phone for quickness whilst doing this as I thought I would solve it, and not need to post in public!

You have an H series APIM and it will not take a Calibration that has Calm Screen. You’re not missing much. I have it on all my vehicles and have not used it once.

Thank you for the reply.

At least it’s not an ID10T error.

I use it on the wife’s screen on longer journeys and with a 1 hour commute thought it would be nice to have the option on mine.