Not listed in the database apim

Is there an alternative way of finding if Apim is nav or not? Also I dont remember removing the display LVDS Cable when I pull the apim from the donor vehicle. From what I can tell, the vehicle had not had the apim removed at any point (might be wrong). I guess the main question with that is, is the LVDS cable not needed ? The apim came from a 2019 Fusion vin # 3FA6РОНDXKR251503.

Thanks for any insight in this.

Since you have the VIN the APIM came with you can run it in the Ford AsBuilt database and look for the Nav settings to know if it has Nav or not.

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I really appreciate your help but I am still lost as to how I would use the database. I am new here and to be honest I havent even figured out how to use this particular forum layout.

Once you have the AB info using the VIN you can look on the AB database to see if the Nav option is turned on by Ford. If it is than it’s 99% chance it has nav.

Sync 3 APIM Database - CyanLabs

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I think he is wondering from where he could get the original AB for the VIN. I remember there’s a Ford page for that, but I was not able to find it.

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Well if that is the case than here is the link…

Index - FordServiceInfo.Com (

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