OBDLink EX Adapter

Just a heads up my EX will say it is to slow sometimes when updating Firmware but I have never had a problem with it. I find it odd that is says that.

Make sure that in the connection settings in FORScan the auto increase box is checked. (That’s the auto go fast button…) And the speed is set to auto also.

I always use Auto but when you write Firmware to the DSP and SODR & L modules you have to slow it down or it will fail on them. Worked with the Forscan guys on this one.

Well, good to know. I have never been able to program the DSP (Sony) successfully. Maybe I need to dumb it down. (It is a Sony.)

Come to think of it, the DSP is on MS-CAN, which is 125 Kbps. The firmware update left it in the rear view mirror.

Programed many Sony OE amps. Same deal with all of them it seems. The SODR & L are a bit more hit and miss. I thought DSP was on ICAN.

Yes, on the older vehicles it is. (CGEA 1.2?)
ICAN is also 125 Kbps if I recall.

Yes, On CGEA 1.2 it’s ICAN and on CGEA 1.3 it’s HS3. Same difference and I have put 1.3 amps on a 1.2 network and they work fine.

Yep. I had to look up the wiring diagram, I was thinking MS-CAN instead of HS-CAN. I don’t think there is a significant difference between ICAN and HS-CAN. I think I saw a reference to ICAN as Infotainment CAN in a Ford manual once.

From the service Manual.

"The HS-CAN3, or the Infotainment Controller Area Network (I-CAN), operates at a maximum data transfer speed of 500Kbps and is designed for real time audio, multimedia and driver information transfer and control. Modules on the HS-CAN3communicate using bussed messages. HS-CAN3 uses an unshielded twisted pair cable, data bus (+) and data bus (-) circuits, and allows sharing of information between all modules on the network."

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