Pinout diagram for OEM Ford Security System Ford Part Number: JS7Z-19A361-A

can anyone help me get a pin out for this ford alarm ? i need to know what each wire does

If you are looking for the pinout of the 4-pin connector on the JS7Z-19A361-A unit, it is just CANBUS and power. This is taken from the GWM connection in the T-harness. Look at the GWM wiring for the truck, you will see the connections are just splices in the harness, FT4J-14B504-AA.

so i checked the gwm but still not what i wanted so that alarm has to have a way to be able to connect and external siren or to find out which cable is the trigger point or auxilary cable it has to wires which are cut

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Ok, I’ll have to research that.

EDIT: The Ford alarm system sends the alert thru CANBUS to the BCM which controls the horn and lights.

Now from the harness theres 2 aditional wires that go out and their cut white and white /red

There are 2 wires that are not on the connector, they are loose for splicing? Like this…

Those 2 wires are for the hood pin or latch kit, I believe. That feature is optional. There is no external horn feature for this unit.

I found this video which shows the installation…
Updated Ford Remote Start W/ Security System Install For Many Makes and Models KN1Z-19A361-A - YouTube

This thread has a lot of useful info:
Official Ford Lock-Unlock-Lock Remote Start - Ford F150 Forum - Community of Ford Truck Fans

ok so here goes my other question forscan has the option to enable a siren could that be for police units f150 ?

so those two wires they’re trigger wires? how could i test them do i have to enable them ?

I don’t know. Do you have the manual for the unit? I can’t seem to find this one.

did u receive the manual?