Places to sell old (working) SYNC 2 units

I’m doing a SYNC 3 retrofit into my 8" Sync 2 MFT factory nav 2014 Edge Ltd soon and I was trying to come up with something to do with the old APIM afterwards. I’m pretty new around here and I know it’s a Sync 3-focused community, but I’m sure some other people have run into the same conundrum. Are there any popular places to sell or donate old SYNC 2 APIMs other than throwing it on eBay? And just in case anyone’s curious, the details of my specific unit are below (I got a chuckle seeing Adobe Flash Lite in there lol):

Part Numbers & Software Versions from my SYNC 2 APIM

Part Numbers:
APIM Serial Number: XT202208
Assembly Part Number: DA5T-14D212-RB
H/W Part Number: BM5T-14F130-AB
CCPU S/W Part Number: EA5T-14D544-BA
VMCU S/W Part Number: DM5T-14D205-AG

Software Versions:
VMCU: 2.4.23
CCPU 3.10.16180.EA.0_PRODUCT
SQLite Database: 3.6.21
MS Auto: 4.2 Zephyr
Adobe FlashLite: 3.1.7
DOV Software modem: SyncII V1 aqSDK V2.9.08
BT/WiFi firmware: Broadcom BCM4325
Navigation Application: 5.67.6
Voice Control App: 29125-001-553 12-03-2015
Gracenote Library:
Gracenote Database: 5059

I’m not aware of anything really specific other than just tossing it up someplace like eBay or FB marketplace. Also you probably aren’t going to get much out of them. They seem to go for peanuts on eBay even if they sell at all. Sync 3 retrofits are so common these days and basically universal across Ford’s fleet if you already had MFT/Sync 2 factory. I actually kept all of my original Sync 2 equipment around just in case I wanted to roll back for reasons, and anticipating not really getting much out of it trying to sell it all.

Also fun fact on the FlashLite note: This was one of the primary culprits that caused all of the very early headaches with Sync 2/MyFord Touch back in the day. The third party company (not Ford or Microsoft, but a company called BSquare) contracted to actually build the MFT UI basically mocked it up in Flash and decided to try to shoehorn it in production hardware and it backfired spectacularly. Ford actually brought in Microsoft after the fact to clean things up.

I gave mine away for free. Couldn’t in good conscience charge someone for those problems.

I think mine is still in my cupboard :laughing:

In a box in the garage I have 2 of them. Maybe one day I’ll put them up on eBay, but it would probably cost more to ship than I’ll get for them.