Possible to repair LED headlight?

I have a 2019 Expedition Platinum with LED headlights and the passenger side upper DRL LED strip is not working I know that the party line is that the headlight is nom-servicable and you need to replace the whole unit. New it is a $1100 item and used with damage is around $300. My headlight, other than the one DRL strip, is in excellent condition.

So has anyone tried to repair a LED headlight?

I believe you can bake it and then pry it apart. You than have to reglue it when your done fixing it.

Nerve-wracking and long process but plenty of Youtube videos on doing it.

Looks like that is the method of choice. I’ll buy a cheap broken headlight that works and give it a try first before I attempt pulling mine apart.

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Take lots of pics in case I ever have to do it! LOL