Possible to upgrade USB hub on '24 Maverick \ USB hubs not supported?

Hey all. I’m new here.

On my 2024 Maverick XLT, I would like to clean up the USB hub area because the wires are messy. Hiding a USB hub behind the trim would be great. However, my Sync 2 says “USB hubs are not supported” when I plug ut in.

Is there a certain model # Ford USB hub I can purchase that WILL accept a generic USB hub?

Your stock OEM USB hub the truck came with should have been fine.

Yeah I would think so too, but nope. Sure enough, I get the “USB hubs are not supported” message when I plug any hub in. I’ve tried 3 different kinds. Generic, Anker, and Belkin.

You cannot plug in a computer type (consumer) USB hub into Sync as it will not support that, although there is a way to do this thru FMods. That would require jailbreaking the Sync system and adding custom files.

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Thanks for the info.

What would I gain by jailbreaking a Sync 2? Wonder if its worth it.

Wait, you say you have a 2024 Maverick and now you say you have Sync 2? Then you say your stock USB hub does not work? You should be under Warranty so I would start with the dealer. You also should have Sync 3.

So, not knowing what you’re trying to hid or cleanup, if these are just phone charging cables, USB extensions or what…
Technically you can pull out the existing USB dual port module, pop in a single port unit from the Mustang/Fusion (HS7Z19A387R), come off the back of that with a USB Micro B M to M cable and connect that to a dual port (HC3Z19A387H), take 12v power for that off the lighter plug using one of the Sync2-3 USB pigtails.
It would leave you one port up front and two hidden somewhere.

It works since you’re using Sync3 supported modules

You will only be able to support data on the first hub, as the Ford hubs do not support usb networking. That is passing data through the hub downstream. If you use the FMods file edit for supporting usb hubs, this is probably possible, but you will need to write out the parameters in the Ford files on the APIM.

Actually this does work, I’ve done it more than once.
I’ve tested this with 2 USB thumb drives with music on them plugged as well as a S21 running Android Auto and I’ve also used a Motorola MA1 in this combination instead of plugging the S21 in.
Currently I’ve got an MA1 inside my console (dual port) and a SanDisk 256Gb UltraFit with 137Gb of music on it plugged into the front single port.

Test CP

CP worked over a 150 mile round trip without any problem.
My guess on why this specific module combination works is that the dual port was originally released to manufacturing in 2016 with a logic update in 2017 to support AA & CP, the single port was introduced in 2017. This was at the same time that Ford had the second USB port on the APIMs and I can see an engineering design argument being made that it would be more cost effective to use this config rather than running a separate line all the way back to the APIM.
The newer dual port (USB A & C) definitely doesn’t work, you get a set of charge only ports with no data function.