Power windows configuration

Hi Guys

i was reading a tutorial from a guy who added rear electric windows to his MK7 fiesta, over at ford owners. He claims he had to change window type in the IPC i.e. (front electric / front-rear electric) using engineering mode of forscan. i assume eng mode is forscan with a license?

i cant find any reference to window type in the IPC database or the BCM for that matter.

anyone have any idea if this configuration change is present / needed and how to get to it??


I have never heard of an engineering mode in FORScan, but there is an ‘engineering mode’ in the IPC on most Ford models. I don’t know if any electric window settings would be in the IPC, however.

Engineering Test Mode - Ford Focus Electric Forum (myfocuselectric.com)

What article are you referring to?

me either but it gets mentioned over at forscan.

this one

That is the Central Configuration mode in FORScan for vehicles that are configured that way, like Focus, etc. Non-CC vehicles don’t show those menus.

I’ll take a look at the article…thanks.

Wha’s CC?

The article was written for a mk7 fiesta where the author seems to have gotten it to work. I assume the mk8 is near identical in IPC so I’m struggling why I can’t access it.

I’m also supprised the IPC would be interested in the number of electric windows and do wonder if it’s necessary.

Forscan question I guess……

Ok forscan tell me the mk8 does not have central configuration as f150 eluded to. Thanks

Therefore anyone have any idea where the 2 or 4 power windows selection might be. Door module perhaps?


This is the only place I have ever seen a reference like that, really.

Installed the rear door power windows / loom and door control module. The window worked for a while then stopped and now won’t respond.

I’m guessing the rear door control module was happy to operate the window until it had an update from
Probably the DDM.

No errors just doesn’t work. Going to have a look at the other cars DDM and see what’s different. This is an as built exercise as the helper (vcds term) only has two entries for the config.

If anyone has any clue of where to enable 4 vice 2 power windows I would love to hear from you.

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