Preferred Windows version

What is the preferred version of windows to run Syn3Updater?

What other bits of environment should we install in windows prior to installing your software to most closely replicate the development environment?

Windows 10 and up should have no problems running the software. Windows 7 isn’t supported as it has reached end of life.

Literally, at the top of the tool’s homepage → Syn3 Updater - CyanLabs


Curious that the installer doesn’t prompt about, or refuse to install on a non-windows-10 OS, and the installer doesn’t pull down 4.7.2 as a dependency then, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure MS keeps a permalink of sorts up of their .net frameworks.

FWIW I did get it to work on a win7 environment, but there were other hurdles with that env unrelated to Syn3.

I am one developer that has no official dev experience and do the best I can… Sorry my installer doesn’t download net Framework, would you also like it to wipe your butt once you have shat? :sweat_smile: Like as mentioned it’s clearly stated on the webpage that Windows 10 is required and net framework 4.7.2 is required.