Radio in a Ranger 2020, the audio just can't be turned on

Hello all, Im having a problem with my radio in a Ranger 2020, the audio just cant be turned on. I was trying to downgrade the SYNC software just to see if have a change but Im not sure if this is safe and how to do it.
I already have the 3.4 20136.
Is it possible to downgrade it safely?
When I was trying to download another version I received a warnign message.
Please advise.

First of all, the software will not likely fix your audio problem. Try a master reset of the Sync system first, and if that does not work then remove power from the vehicle, disconnect the battery for at least 15 minutes, then reconnect. If the issue persists, time for a dealer visit.

Have you used FORScan on the vehicle or modified it?

You can downgrade to Sync 3.3 if you like but whatever you do, DO NOT USE THE REFORMAT. Don’t do this if you plan to take it to the dealer.

Thanks for answering, actually I just installed a DSP and an amplifier and after that the audio just don’t turn on. I have read a lot that this kind of problem is very common in Ford and some suggestions that it could be a matter of software glitch.
I haven’t taken it to the dealer,
I have tried the soft and hated reset and nothing works, all the rest of functions work without problems, just the audio.

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I don’t get exactly what is the reformat option.
Can you give me additional details?
Thanks for your suggestions

You have a wiring or other installation issue. The issue is not with the APIM or ACM itself.
What level of Audio system came with the truck? B&O or other?
Did you install the DSP connected to the speaker outputs or line level outputs of the ACM?
(If the ACM does not sense speaker load it will not turn on.)

Reformat refers to installing maps and reformatting the APIM. Since you have a 2020 model APIM, never do this.

I’m moving this to it’s own thread…

I’m confused. Trying to follow what you are saying, I get you didn’t touch the SYNC unit, but you installed some new hardware to the car.
If that’s the case I agree with F150chief, you have a hardware issue, not software.

Thanks F150chief,
The wiring was double checked and its ok, Im not sure with kind of audio system came with the truck. The truck was made in Argentina, is the Ranger Diesel version with the 8" system.
The ACM doesnt have line level outputs so we have to connect the speaker outputs directly to the high level input of the DSP, the DSP is an Alpine PXE-0850S.
By the way the system doesnt have any navigation system integrated.
Thanks again.

Thanks Sandman.
The problem is that we tried to solvethe problem and return tall the system as it was, I mean, connecting the speaker exactly like there were before we opened the wires in the door.
turned on the system and still the audio remain off, no way to turn it on.
Any suggestions?

Check for DTC’s on the ACM and APIM. If the ACM sensed a shorted speaker, it will need to be cleared before the system may work again. If you are splicing wires to connect the DSP, the ACM has probably sensed an out of range load and is protecting itself like it is supposed to do. If you have FORScan, scan for DTC’s and clear them, also reset the ACM module.

Just to be clear, when you say the audio will not turn on, do you mean the DSP is not turning on or the 8" screen shows ‘Audio Off’ ?

By the way…, the ACM does have the ability to output line level audio and you should use it if you can. There is an article on which illustrates how to do this and might solve your issues.

Variable Line Level Preamp Outputs From ACM (Factory Radio) For Amplifier Upgrades (

Thank you for such a quick answer F150chief.
I dont have Forscan, do you recommend to get the truck to the dealer?
Or do you recommend me to buy the Forscan and try to do it by miself?
I was looking for prices and found one which is cheaper than the dealer diagnostic price.
The only con is that I have never ised it before, but Im a good learner, it could be possible to do it by myself since the dealer is reluctant to do it because I modified the system.
Thanks again

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I was still adding to the post above when you replied. See above. Try that first. The dealer will be money, so check through all the installation and review the article first.

Here is another article that may help…

Audio upgrade shenanigans. (picture heavy) | 2019+ Ford Ranger and Raptor Forum (5th Generation) -

It might be a good idea to post this on the 2019+ Ford Ranger and Raptor Forum (5th Generation) above. I saw several articles or mentions on there about audio systems.

Yep, I already saw that and Im reading now the threads you send me. Thanks.
Is there any way to get the model of the ACM and APIM? I would also like to have the wiring diagram so I can be sure about what am i doing when start to work on it.
I really start to study a lot about all this stuff since Im newby on this matter, Im really interested to learn and do it by miself.
Thanks for all the support.

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Go to this website and enter your VIN.

: Index - FordServiceInfo.Com (

It should give you the vehicle as built data. Download the file and save it. Attach the file here and I can tell you what you have.

Ask on the Ranger site for the wiring diagram, I bet someone will post it for you.

I already have that file but I cannot upload since the web page just allow me to upload image files.
Any suggestions?
Can you share with me the link to the ranger page web site please?
Thanks again

Electronics, SYNC, Audio, Nav, Phone, FORScan, CB / Radios | 2019+ Ford Ranger and Raptor Forum (5th Generation) -

I updated your privileges, try to attach the file. Just drag the file to the editor window…

8AF6R5DV6L6197432.txt (32,2 KB)

I couldt upload the file with the original extension. I changed to .txt, once you donwload just change its extension to .ab please.
If you have problems please let me know.
Thanks again

The APIM is a 2019 with current calibrations. Part number KU5T-14G371-BJA.


The ACM is current. Part number JB3T-19C107-DB.


Thank you very much.
I have taken the truck to an audio workshop who has a scanner and has resseted the fault and he found a blown fuse, now the audio is on but I still dont get audio, I will check all the connections to see if I can find something wrong in the installation.
Ill keep you posted.
Thanks for all the support.

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