Rear seat remove on Tourneo Connect

Hi everyone, I would need a little technical info.
I have a tourneo connect 2021/2022, on the manual it explains folding the rear seats. I saw that the structure is the same as the previous model in which they could just be removed, and in fact, when the lever is moved, they are released and can be removed.
The only thing is that the current ones have a cable that is connected to the seat sensor (I think it’s called that), disconnecting it, the airbag warning light turns on and a “?” on the display in the disconnected session.
Do you know if the other airbags work the same?
Is there any way to bypass this error for the times I take the seat off?
Thank you

The warning light is for the OCS (Occupancy Classification System) and indicates that the system has an error, which is the back seat or seats were disconnected. There is not a method to shut off the light.

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Understood. Do the car’s airbags continue to operate or are they disabled with the warning light on? Is buying a new belt clip to use only when I remove the seat a feasible solution?

You will have to ask your dealer.

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