If you notice something that you think isn’t working correctly, even if unsure please report it here!

Please note the new server is currently running some other services while i migrate that server so things may be a little slow for a few more days.

Please don’t report slowness but please report anything else.

There’s some kind of issue I think.
Some “borders” are seen here:

And also, when replying to a thread, I can see the background:

It’s like something is missing, a solid color to fill that area.

Yes something i did broke it :smiley: working on it

Aaanndd it’s back / fixed… It’s crazy how dynamic this webpage is!!!, no reload needed…

Modern technology :laughing:

All i was trying to do was remove the “new topic” button on the sidebar since that doesn’t implement the dropdown for sync issue or not :laughing:

Does this still apply?

Not really, might still be a few quirks but should be good now.

Ok. I’ve noticed these last few days that the initial load takes longer.
Once it loads, the navigation is norminal.

according to statistics it all seems good, any particular scenario to make the slowdown?

I’ve tried just now, it’s normal now.
But the scenario would be like opening your browser and going into CyanLabs Official Community
The very first load takes some time, then it’s all good and responsive.
Will monitor and comment back if I notice slowness again.

Every Discourse update needs a rebuild, the rebuild probably clears out cache, might be why as i built it earlier to add the chat plugin

It seems that the issue is only on desktop, using Chrome (can’t test with Firefox)


Once it loads it’s fine, but initial load takes A LOT of time (not 3-4 seconds).

I can’t find any pattern yet… will keep testing…