Retro Fit steering wheel

I have a 2019 Ford Flex and I’m looking to install a 2017 Ford Explorer heated steering wheel with CGEA 1.2 SCCM module is this possible?

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So the SCCM knows what button you pushed by the voltage sent from the control pad. The D-Pad will work fine as nothing was changed with those. The rest of the buttons will not work as Ford changed the resistors values on those. The older SCCM will see these values and interpret them wrong thereby giving you the wrong function or no function at all. You would have to change the SCCM to the newer CGEA 1.3 version to have it read them right and be able to put in the correct AsBuilt values to do that. The problem is the newer CGEA 1.3 SCCM’s use a GWM that routes all the instruction in the network. No Flex uses a GWM so it will not work. There is no way to change the AsBuilt values to the correct ones in the CGEA 1.2 SCCM to make them work.

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Can we just change the resistance to the correct values?