Retrofit 10 inch in a 8 inch screen vehicle

I have a 2019 Flex and i’m trying to get a 10 inch out of a 2020 aviator to work. So just plugging it in Its showing on the top left of the 10 inch like its a 8inch, touch works correct , I’m making changes to line 7D0 03 01 AsBuild. I can get the boot logo correct, also I believe I can get it to do the 10inch Portrait just not landscape.

A 2020 Aviator has the same screen as the Navigator, basically. It should set to landscape mode in Sync 3.4.
7D0-03-01 xxxx **xx xx–
Set to 07=Lincoln 10L MY20 (10" Landscape)
In Sync 3.4 there are 2 themes (Ford MY20, Lincoln MY20) with 2 screen variations per theme (6.5"/8", 10"). See 7D0-02-01 for custom Boot Screen Animations.

This is the screen, correct?

yes that is the screen I changed the 7D0-03-01 to the xxxx-07xx-xxxx it gives me the ford start up logo correct in the middle but still only showing the 8inch size top left of the 10inch, do I need to change anything else?

What Sync version are you running on the APIM?

3.4 build 21265

Sorry JR3T 14G371 BHA

You will need to change to the Lincoln Themes and Boot Screens. Ford does not set to landscape 10".

7D0-01-02 *xxx xxxx xx–
Change ‘0’ to ‘8’.

7D0-02-01 xxxx **xx xx–
Set to what you would like.

7D0-03-01 xxxx **xx xx–
Set to 07=Lincoln 10L MY20 (10" Landscape)

Roger, thanks I will give it another try this afternoon.

It works, thank you… is it possible to get the vehicle icon on screen for the back up sensors?

I answered that on Discord.