Retrofit ACM with HD Radio and Sirius XM into a Sync 4 vehicle

(I also posted this issue on the F150gen14 forum just in case - better visibility there?)
My 2023 F-250SD XLT reg cab, long bed pickup truck came with base audio, no amp and just door woofers with pillar tweeters. I retrofitted the same ACM that I had working in my 2022 F-150 XL. The location and installation of the ACM is the same as I found on my 2022 F-150. My ACM is factory part # ML3T-18K810-FEE. So far I have both the HD and SXM radio parts working great but all my presets seem blanked out and won’t save anything. To rule out antenna issues I tried that both on top of ACM bracket (magnetic mount), and now just resting on top of dash pushed forward to glass. By the way, I found no curry (yellow) connector waiting for me behind the ACM so I used an aftermarket SXM antenna with the proper curry-colored jack. Rumor has it that there may be an antenna cable coming from the right-side roof antenna that runs as far as the left side of glovebox (just behind) so I plan to look for it.

I initially tried the same Forscan coding as before, summarized below:

ACM: 727-01-01
Leave the rest the same and make that a 0 (Needed to also edit to add in HD radio, see below)

APIM: 7D0-01-01
Leave the rest the same and make that an 8

From digging in further here and on Cyanlabs, it appears that the SXM tuners are “pre-X40 SDARS” or just “X40 SDARS”. I think that refers to the the 360L feature (so that’s an X40 SDARS?) we see on the latest vehicles with Sirius XM. I found this detail on the web: ““Ford has a long history as one of America’s favorite automotive brands and we are excited to be introducing SiriusXM with 360L in 2021 model year Ford vehicles with SYNC 4, beginning with the all-new Ford F-150,” Mike Heinonen, VP, Automotive Partnerships, for SiriusXM said in a release.”

So I guess all our vehicles with Sync 4 and Sirius XM have the 360L version?

The APIM requires coding in one and possibly another place now? Livinitup has helped us all by maintaining a great spreadsheet that I found here at the cyanlabs forum.

7D0-01-01. As-built coding was 0801-0002-8064. I edited it to read 2884-0802-8064. (Used the xxxx-x8xx-xxxx for “X40 SDARS”)

7D0-03-03. As-built coding was 0000-0000-00DD. That “0” means ”No SDARS or X40 Chipset”. I had to change that 0 to 2 which means “TSDARSC x2” with other choices of 4,6,8,A,C and E all “reserved”. Line now edited to read 0000-0002 -00DD

I resolved my presets-inop issue once I looked at the APIM under “module configuration” and changed things: mixed mode presets to “5” and auto store / presets mode to “disabled/mixed mode”.

The X40 tuners are indeed 360L capable and can use mixed mode presets. “pre-X40 SDARS” are the older tuners which have only Sirius capability, not truly XM as the “X40 SDARS”. The Sirius platform is present being phased out.

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