Retrofit: Active Stop And Go - Fusion 2013 (Flash PCM Upgrade)

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I have a Ford Fusion 2013 AWD 2.0 Ecoboost Titanium (Gasoline) that already has the factory Adaptive ACC System (automatically deactivates when the speed drops below 30 km p/h), this is the most complete version available in Brazil.
I started reading several posts about ACC with Stop And Go and decided to try to implement it. I realized that it is a very daring project, as it requires a lot of tests, replacement and adaptation of several modules.
Even so, I started, briefly replaces the ABS module (CADS3), ABS rear sensors, IPC, SCCM, CCM, IPM-A and GWM, all of the Fusion 2018 Titanium, which has the native Stop And Go system.
Now, for the system to work, I arrived at the last limiting point, the PCM module, which I’m thinking of flashing and updating , as to replace it would need PATS to write the keys. Thought I’d use Fusion 2018’s PCM calibration as well.
My doubts are as follows: my PCM’s original strategy file is “DS7A-14C204-VP” and Fusion 2018’s is “HS7A-14C204-ADH”, both have a size of 4194304 Bytes.
The bootloader obviously also changes, is it possible to perform this calibration update or is there a big risk of bricking my PCM?
Other doubts, the Fusion 2018 has a rotary ball style exchange, mine is with a lever (but both are 6-speed automatic, model 6f35) and the engine changes the power, the 2013 has 240cv and the 2018 248cv, could be a problem too ?

I suggest that you visit the 2GFusion forum and ask DanMc85 about this. If anyone will know if this is possible and how to do it, he is the person to talk to…

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